Staying curious

Me blissed out in Japan a couple of years back:)

Oh, the joy and excitement of traveling and exploring new places. I imagine I’m not the only one missing being able to do that right now? Feeling even more grateful for all those opportunities in the past.

I think for many people, myself included, it’s easy to be very present and aware when traveling and being in a new place. We might have that lovely sense of wonder and curiosity, and a desire to explore all the new things. So in a way travel can be conducive to mindfulness. Usually, when we come home after a long trip, we carry with us that sense of presence. The places we were used to at home might have an unusual freshness to them. A few days later, this vibrant sense wanes of – at least in my experience. So how do we keep it, the sense of being more awake, aware, and alive? This is where a daily mindfulness practice is so helpful. We practice so that we can keep that sense of curiosity and wonder even in our regular daily lives. Maybe it’s never the same like seeing something for the first time, but we can certainly always be more awake to everything our surroundings – in a brand new moment – have to offer. One way is paying more attention to the things we do daily, during our walk to work for example. All of which of course is easier said than done. But this is why it’s called a practice.
We get so used to streets we walk daily but forget that there is almost always more to discover – which we notice when we are truly awake to our surroundings.

What are some of the times you felt that sense of wonder and curiosity? And are there any situations in your daily life where you would like to cultivate more of that presence?