I would love to share a few resources that have been helpful in my practice, teaching and my life. I often invest in online courses as I find them to be a great way to expand my own practice and go deeper into areas that call to me. And it’s such an easy way to get support from amazing teachers, find guided meditations, or even do an online retreat at home (pretty much the only place we can take a retreat this year anyway).

I’m excited to be a Sounds True affiliate. I love what they are offering and what they stand for, and I have found some of my favourite teachers here.

Pema Chödrön

I often mention the Buddhist teacher Pema Chödrön – because I find her incredible. Her teachings on how to meet difficulties in life have been a huge help for me. I’ve written more about it in this post. I also love her heart opening meditations on compassion. Here are a couple of courses that I highly recommend.

Living with vulnerability. In this course Pema Chödrön shares how to treat your life experience with the same love and support you offer your truest friends. You learn to unravel your habitual patterns – like fear of vulnerability – and find more freedom, a greater self-acceptance, and explore your limitless potential.

Coming closer to ourselves – Learn how to use curiosity and compassion to befriend your most challenging emotions. These are some truly transformative teachings.

Thich Nath Hanh

In my opinion, Thich Nath Hanh’s teachings are absolutely invaluable. I’m sure many of you have heard of him, he’s a zen master and a peace activist, and has so much wisdom to share. I can’t recommend his courses enough.

Body and Mind Are One: An Online Training in Mindfulness.
When your body and mind work together as one, you are fully and naturally present in the moment. This is the essence of mindfulness practice. In this eight-week course, Thich Nhat Hanh personally instructs you in every step of the specific exercises for using your breath mindfully to cease internal conflict, release tension and anxiety, and become aware of the conditions for happiness and freedom that are always readily available.

The Present Moment.
Meditations to help you walk, breathe, and communicate more deeply and consciously. More than seven hours of direct instruction from a living master of Buddhist meditation techniques.

Ram Dass

There is a saying: “When the student is ready, the teacher appears.” I believe many have felt this way about Ram Dass. I know I have. I could write so much more, but for now I’d rather invite you to discover him and his teachings for yourself – if you haven’t already.

There is a memoir of his coming out in January 2021, that you can pre-order now.
Being Ram Dass.

These are all some powerful teachings and I hope that you will find something that resonates with you.